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Who Do You Say I Am?

About This Project

Material: Aluminum

Size: 25′ x 5′ x 12′

Date: 2021

Location: Charlotte Mecklenburg University Police Department, Charlotte, NC

Narrative: We are a collection of stories. Our stories are important, valuable, and precious. When we take the time to listen to each other, our humanity is displayed, and we are able to connect with one another. As we experience people throughout life, our interactions limit our perception of a person. The longer and more in-depth our encounter, the more information we have, to help us understand a person or situation. If we don’t do the hard work of investing and trying to understand each other, we will miss the mark.  

The artwork depicts seven silhouettes of people who live and work in the Charlotte community. They are police officers, community members and people who have had run-ins with the law. You can read a part of their stories on the backside of the artwork. This artwork reflects the relationship between the Charlotte community and their police department. 

Nybeck conducted in-depth interviews of many of Charlotte’s residents. She was intentional about collecting a diverse and accurate representation of the Charlotte population in both age, ethnicity, and background. The purpose was to hear stories that were pivotal in shaping the heart of the interviewee. 

A portion of each story has been etched into the backside surface of the sculpture. When the audience experiences the sculpture, they will read the story and the silhouette will go from an unknown stranger to someone we’ve just made a connection with. This artwork challenges the perspectives and perceptions we carry.